Energy use and conversion

Novel shipping technologies

Our Maritime Forecast to 2050 aims to enhance the decision-making of shipowners as they navigate the technological, regulatory and market uncertainties surrounding decarbonization. In 2020, we developed a library of scenarios, projecting fleet composition, energy use, fuel mix, and CO2 emissions to 2050.

We modelled 16 different fuel types and 10 fuel technology systems. In 2021, we will refine and expand on this work, but for the purposes of the present report we have selected novel shipping technologies we have hitherto not covered in depth: fuel-cell technology and nuclear power. In the latter case, next-generation nuclear technology is not a near-term commercial reality for shipping, but there are important developments underway in both fission and fusion that make these technologies worth watching as one of many longer-term zero-carbon options for the world’s future fleet.

In this chapter, DNV's Technology Progress Report covers: 

  • Marine fuel cells
  • Nuclear fission
  • Nuclear fusion

DNV perspective

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