Energy Transition Outlook

Maritime Forecast to 2050

To help the industry navigate a way forward, our 6th Maritime Forecast to 2050 report offers a fresh outlook on regulations, drivers, technologies, and fuel availability.

This year’s publication focuses on the comprehensive production, distribution and bunkering infrastructures required to enable the maritime industry’s shift to carbon-neutral fuels. 

It considers several critical issues underpinning the decarbonization challenge: 

  • What the future fuel-mix could look like. 
  • Ways to find the most efficient and cost-effective ship designs. 
  • And the potential impact of regional policy interventions like green corridors. 
The report’s new and extended fuel-mix scenario library for shipping can be applied to DNV’s updated Carbon-Risk-Framework to help shipowners find the most efficient and cost-effective fuel strategies, while focusing on fuel flexibility and energy efficiency remains key to easing the transition and minimizing the risk of investing in stranded assets.