Energy Transition Outlook 2022

Hydrogen forecast to 2050

Explore DNV’s forecast and insight about the development and role of hydrogen in the energy transition.

This dedicated hydrogen forecast to 2050 provides new and expanded hydrogen findings from DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook forecast model, coupled with the knowledge we have gained in our other research and development and hydrogen projects around the world.

Hydrogen is essential to a clean energy future, but many questions remain around hydrogen’s large-scale use as an energy carrier. We explore these – through both forecast and insights – in our latest research:


  • When, where and by how much will hydrogen scale?
  • In which sectors will hydrogen and derivatives be used? And where will they not be used?
  • How will hydrogen be transported and traded?
  • What will be spent on hydrogen through to 2050?


  • Which policies and strategies can best accelerate the scaling of hydrogen?
  • What can be done to reduce risk and increase the attractiveness of hydrogen investments?
  • How can hydrogen safety and perception challenges be overcome?
  • Which hydrogen value chains will be successful, which won’t? What are the pioneering examples?