Energy Transition Outlook 2017

Renewables, Power and Energy Use

This report presents implications of our energy forecast for key stakeholders including electricity generation, renewables, electricity transmission and distribution, and energy use.

Key conclusions

The report covers key conclusions from our model and also key technologies and systems, focusing on results from the model and on the expected key developments. The technologies and systems considered include:
  • onshore and offshore wind 
  • solar
  • hydro power
  • biomass
  • nuclear 
  • coal
  • transmission grids and system operation
  • distribution grids
  • off-grid and micro-grids
  • electrification of energy use
  • buildings and their energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency in manufacturing industry and storage
It also details: 
  • Takeaways for specific types of stakeholders
  • Important issues to monitor over the next five years